10 Community Spaces
If space was the implementation and the venue of the negotiation of political conditions and if the political was always constructed in relation to the communal as an unsurpassable horizon, then the community space would be the most political and conflictual space to imagine. This seems to us an interesting place.

November 2003
60 pages, + 29 posters, different formats, b/w and color, german

with an interview with Joseph Vogl: “De-totalized Forms of Encounter“, posters and texts on:

Soviet Communal Houses / Globalization-critical groups / En Ronda / Paris Commune 1871 / Universal Embassy / The End of Social housing / The Pope Squat / Zusammen Wohnen (Living Together) / Family and Youth Living Floors / Co-Housing Project / Squatter Camp against the New West Runway / Archology Arcosanti / 1km Corviale / Asia Pacific Center / The Human Drift / Gallaratese occupata! / Zanon es de los Obreros / Life as Fundamental Act / Christiania Selvforvaltning / Einküchenhaus (One-Kitchen-House) / Steilshoop / Auroville / Border camps Europe / Bofælleskaber / Coop Siedelung Freidorf / Wagenburgen 1988-2003 / Lama Foundation / Communes in the New World / Communes in Brandenburg

thematic elaboration for:

Communal Spaces / Community Places / Common Rooms
exhibition at Common Room; New York, 06 – 07/2007

exhibitions supplement issue
with the translation of the interview , short abstracts of the projects and two new examples added: NORC Co-op Village / ABC No Rio

download issue

8th Havana Biennial
contribution to the exhibition, Pabellón Cuba, Havana, 11/2003 

Kiosk Info-Offspring
contribution to the exhibition, Postplatz, Dresden, 09/2003

radical architecture III: processing uncertainties
contribution to the exhibition, MAK, Cologne, 09/2003

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