16 Material on: David Harvey Flexible Accumulation through Urbanization
David Harvey interprets the postmodern architecture of the 1980s as the cultural expression of post-fordism and of the crisis of American cities at that time. Introducing two new developments into the discussion on cities and linking them he insists that discourses and cultural practices can not be separated from economic and political processes. The architectonic phenomenon of postmodernism and the economic project of flexible accumulation must be understood together.

October 2006
60 S., illustr. b/w, german

with contributions / excerpts / reprints of:

Charles Jencks / Richard Nixon / Frederic Jameson / Marx/Engels / Henri Lefebvre / Peter Marcuse / Amerikkka, Gegenschulbuchreihe / Pierre Bourdieu / Homer Hoyt / Neil Smith / The New York Surveillance Camera Players / Ferdinand Tönnies / Richard Sennett / Iris Marion Young / Reinhard Kreissl / Loic J.D. Wacquant / Venturi, Scott Brown, Izenour / Margaret Crawford / Guy Debord / Manfredo Tafuri

as supplement to An Architektur 16, 17
Interview Booklet: Quarries of Theory Construction.
Manuel Castells, David Harvey and the Resistance in the Capitalist City. With contributions by: Regina Bittner, Manuel Castells, Jürgen Essletzbichler, David Harvey, Roger Keil, Margit Mayer, Christian Schmidt

October 2006, 16 pages, german

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