17 Material on Manuel Castells: The City and the Grassroots
 “The City and the Grassroots” analyses developments and transformations of the city as the result of conflictual processes of urban social movements. Manuel Castells introduces the struggles of local protest groups, citizens` initiatives, alternative communities and basic democratic movements as productive forces into urban research. On the basis of a Marxist approach to the city he develops an open and expandable model of the built environment as the scene of social struggles.

July 2002
22 p., maps b/w, german

the quintessential chapters of the book are translated into german for the first time

as supplement to An Architektur 16, 17
Interview Booklet: Quarries of Theory Construction.
Manuel Castells, David Harvey and the Resistance in the Capitalist City. With contributions by: Regina Bittner, Manuel Castells, Jürgen Essletzbichler, David Harvey, Roger Keil, Margit Mayer, Christian Schmidt

October 2006, 16 pages, german

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