21 Community Design. Involvement and Architecture in the US since 1963:

Public Interviews
“In the US there is less visible social activism, and especially in architecture schools and architectural discourse, the notion that architecture has any role to play in the political arena is dismissed. How often I have heard: ‘We're architects. We make form. It's up to sociologists, economists and politicians to figure out the rest’. I believe that this is absolutely wrong.” (Roberta Feldman)

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September 2008
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mit Public Interviews on:

Consensus, Equality, Experts and Good Design
Roberta Feldman (University of Illinois, Chicago) und Henry Sanoff (North Carolina State University, Raleigh)

Education, Pluralist Planning, New Institutions and Language
Damon Rich (Center for Urban Pedagogy, New York) und Michael Rios (University of California, Davis)

the interviews were hosted by arttransponder

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