06 – 07/2007
Communal Spaces / Community Places / Common Rooms
exhibition and lecture in relation to An Architektur 10: Communal Spaces
Common Room, New York

Common Room is both an office and an exhibition space in manhattan's lower east side. Exhibitions are shown in the public lobby of a mid-century office building which houses several non-profit groups. Common Room is run by Lars Fischer, Todd Rouhe and Maria Ibanez.

For the exhibition we revised and translated parts of An Architektur 10: Communal Spaces, supplemented by two further case studies made by Common Room.

with an interview with Joseph Vogl: “De-totalized Forms of Encounter“, posters and texts on:

Soviet Communal Houses / Globalization-critical groups / En Ronda / Paris Commune 1871 / Universal Embassy / The End of Social housing / The Pope Squat / Zusammen Wohnen (Living Together) / Family and Youth Living Floors / Co-Housing Project / Squatter Camp against the New West Runway / Archology Arcosanti / 1km Corviale / Asia Pacific Center / The Human Drift / Gallaratese occupata! / Zanon es de los Obreros / Life as Fundamental Act / Christiania Selvforvaltning / Einküchenhaus (One-Kitchen-House) / Steilshoop / Auroville / Border camps Europe / Bofælleskaber / Coop Siedelung Freidorf / Wagenburgen 1988-2003 / Lama Foundation / Communes in the New World / Communes in Brandenburg

30 NORC Co-op Village, 31 ABC No Rio
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