09 – 11/2006
sadly, safe in training
contribution to the exhibition on migration geographies
Grazer Kunstverein, Graz

model of the departure center Fürth showing the border of residency

The "sadly safe" exhibition deals with the losses and side-effects that go hand in hand with the social production of safety: what are the functions of public and private discourses on safety and potential threats in the everyday production of reality? What is their role in implementing political and economic objectives? What are we training for?

The exhibition was curated by Sören Grammel.

with contributions by: An Architektur, Annika Eriksson, Lise Harlev, Tom Holert, ifau und Jesko Fezer, Susanne Jirkuff, Ruth Kaaserer, Dieter Kiessling, Richard Kriesche, Michaela Melian, Wesley Meuris, Oliver Ressler, Antiquariat Truppe, Anna Witt, Jun Yang, Fabio Zolly, Volker Eichelmann & Roland Rust

In the exhibition we presented different models on migration geographies (related to An Architektur 03: The Geography of a Border: Sangatte; An Architektur 12: Geography of the Departure Center (Ausreisezentrum) Fürth; An Architektur 15 / FFM 11: European Migration Geographies, Poland)

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