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November 10 – 11, 2006

Camp for Oppositional Architecture
Theorizing Architectural Resistance

An Architektur at Casco. Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht

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The small part of the built environment that is subject to planning at all is almost completely controlled by the claims of capitalist utilization: globalized markets and cultures ask for commodified spaces, nation states and corporations require spectacular architectures for representative purposes, the multitude of consumer subjects demands room for individualized privacy. What's left to do?

Theorizing Architectural Resistance
Continuing the "Camp for Oppositional Architecture" which first took place in Berlin in 2004 this second congress again looks for possible ways of resistance within the field of architecture and planning. Having brought together practitioners and researchers in Berlin 2004 who exchanged approaches and developed a common basis of discourse on the open idea of oppositional architecture, we now want to further explore the theoretical grounds on which such projects could spread. As part of a series of future Camps each dealing with a specific issue, we this time would like to elaborate the concept of opposition within the field of architecture and planning. The Camp will focus on analytical approaches that invent, explore and reflect on possibilities of architectural resistance that withstand the demands of a capitalist production of space and try to develop a non-affirmative attitude within this powerful contiguity.


Friday, November 10

2pm: Internal Welcome

5 – 9pm: Lectures (Part 1)
Alternative Currents. Tatjana Schneider + Jeremy Till (Sheffield)
Envisioning Hacker Space. Alexander Levi + Amanda Schachter/SLO Architecture (Madrid)
Architecture and Activism. Maria Theodorou (Athens)
Anti-Avantgarde. Miguel Robles-Duran (Rotterdam)
The Impracticable Practice of Architecture. Craig Buckley (New York)

9pm: Opening of the An Architektur Exhibition, at Casco

Saturday, November 11

11am – 3pm: Lectures (Part 2)
Aesthetic Radicalism. Ole W. Fischer (Zurich)
No Criticism Please, We’re Projective Now! BAVO (Rotterdam)
Detect & Paste City. Elisabeth Blum (Zurich)
The Violence of Participation. Markus Miessen (London)

4 7pm : Workshops

8 9pm : Final Presentation


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An Architektur 18: Camp for Oppositional Architecture. Theorizing Architectural Resistance
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